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Kristian Agmund Haanes

Senior Scientist


I have during the last 10 years focused on purinergic signalling, within different organs and models. My research has focused on physiology of the pancreas, heart/brain and nervous system, with emphasis on pathologies including fibrosis, ischemia and migraine. I master several methods, which I also have supervised, these include: 1) Cellular/molecular methods: western blot, immunohistochemistry, PCR, fluorescent microscopy, ELISA. 2) Ex vivo methods: myograph of rodent/human arteries and organ culture. 3) In vivo methods: PV-loop, myocardial infarction, models of ocular ischemia, intravitreal microscopy and a inflammatory model of migraine. My current research focus is on the sensory innervation and how this can be applied to understand the pathophysiology of migraine.