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Patient Advocate Perspective

Maren Eriksen, Nurse Specialist and Board Member of The Danish Migraine and Headache Association

Maren Eriksen

Maren Eriksen is a registered nurse specialist in headache disorders and pain management. In addition, she is a board member of the Danish Migraine and Headache Association (Migræne og Hovedpineforeningen).


In this interview with Maren Eriksen, we asked her about her thoughts on the patient perspective of living with migraine.

What is the biggest challenge to physicians dealing with patient advocate perspectives in migraine?

Understanding the patient, taking the problem seriously and knowing how to help as migraine has so many “faces”.  Many patients suffering from migraine complain they don´t feel their physician listen and understand.

What is the most overlooked aspect of dealing with migraine from a patient point of view in your opinion?

That most people think “it´s just a headache” – makes it difficult for people suffering from migraine. They feel they have to explain and justify when they suffer from a migraine attack.

What are the benefits of patient groups?

The common experience I hear among group members is they feel it´s very giving to meet others with the same feelings, worries and problems. It makes people feel less lonely. As a migraine patient it is hard to meet the lack of understanding from the surroundings. When you are together with other patients with migraine you don´t have to explain how you feel and try to make other people understand. That can be very liberating.

How do you advice patients/patient groups on handling work-life balance while suffering from migraine?

Be mindful at stress-related triggers at work and find ways to minimize them as much as possible.

It is also possible for the workplace to take steps that can help persons suffering from migraine. That could be flexible working hours, flexible breaks, days working from home ect. Not all workplaces are understanding and willing to be flexible but it´s getting better and Covid-19 has showed us it is possible to work from home.

What is the most common concern of migraine patients?

Living with the constant fear and stress of the next migraine attack and the sadness of the consequences it has for the migraine patients and/or the people they care about.

Outside work, what are the social consequences of suffering from migraine?

The social consequences of suffering from migraine can be so many. Migraine is very unpredictable which makes it difficult for many migraine sufferers to actively participate in a social life or even have one. Many have to abruptly cancel plans. Migraine also interfere with family life and reduces participation in family activities.